Tom sucks

Tavar explodes, Cale has gay sex with Aleric, both get Syphilis and die
"I'm a lonely elf"

D&D’s a party and everyone’s invited

BS (Brian Stewart) Storyline

So the gourp walk all up in the crater. Tavar gets hit by a small meteorite in the head and dies immediately. His corpse then explodes. Cale and Aleric go off in the woods and screw when they both get an STD and die instantly and simultaneously. (Hey, we teach moral lessons here too.) Then a dragonborn teleports into the room and BAM! new party formed.

Actual Stuff that happened

So the new (citation needed) party containing Irieonna, Garret, Tamber, and Hoots. They head back to town and upon entering, they spot a crowd gathered around a cart. Garret immediately begins to formulate a plan along with Hoots. However, Tamber and Irieonna scope out the cart to figure out the attraction of so many to the mysterious wagon. An auctioneer stands tall at a podium near the cart, bidding off magical and regular items alike. Peaking to her interest, Tamber places money down for a gold lamp sid to grant one wish to the user. Curiously, she manages to take the magic lamp for less than 40 gold. A few more items pass and the auctioneer shouts clearly:

“Tomorrow, in haste of travel, we shall deliver the promised goods in direct trade with the competed worth at high midday!”

The party reconvenes in the rooms of inn they purchase. Garret plots with Hoots in their room and decide to bring their plan to the girls. The girls overall agree to the plan and the rough idea of a startegy ensues.

The Cart

Irieonna runs down the stairs to main lobby screaming which causes the bartender to jump out of his half-asleep state to see what the commotion is. She tries to sweet talk the bartender as a distraction. Then, Garret attempts to sneak into the kitchen but is abruptly stopped by the now angered bartender. Covering, Hoots convinces the bartender they searched for nothing more than a drink and were swiftly instructed to heaad back to their rooms.

Having failed in their primary attempt, the party opts for their plan B. Garret successfully descends down the second story window, followed by Hoots, who cathes a jumping Tamber. All three sneak to the back of the tavern and work their way back into the


A drake, asshole bartender, and elf?
"Why do you want its penis?"

To town and Beyond

The party stand in the stream, and comes to a concensus to return to the town to regain strength. They proceed to town while analyzing their spoils. They make it to the tavern, and talk to the man behind the counter.
After a little conversation (and finding out he’s an ass when you don’t drink his booze) the party minus Tavar raids a house and works their way to burial site shortly north of town. They see a figure standing next to an angered dragonborn and RAGE DRAKE.

Encounter ensues and shit gets real. Elf joins party. The end?

When on fire, you will burn
"He was strong, but not strong enough ;)"

Where we left off….

The scene reconvenes in the midst of a battle between them and the Kobold’s ambush. Tav, supported by Garret and Tamber, set up a line for flanking to insure combat advantages aginst their scaly foes. Cale, now concious, quickly resumes the fight and proceeds to attack the remaining enemies as well. The fight continues until the dragonshields are defeated which prompts the escape of the wyrmpriest. The remaining Kobold attempts a surrender, but it was all for nought in the perspective of the now bloodied party. The party deals with the remnants and carries on the track the priest.

The trek, led by Garret, successfully stalks the lizard kin to a nearby stream with tribute from a cascading waterfall to the near east. Garret sneaks into the underbrush to discover what seems to be over ten Kobolds standing post in and near the ankle deep water.

Back to town

The party heads back to town to regain their strength, sell their spoils, and re-assess the situation. Tamber and Garret head to Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe near the center of Winterhaven. After successful haggling of Bairwin himself, they receive a profit of 260 gp and some weaponry. After a short rest at the inn, it’s back to stream to decide how to handle what is set before them.

Battle at the waterfall


Tavar gathers the party at the stream south of the waterfall to discuss strategy and possible holes in the defense of the Kobold horde. Tavar, in a slight daze of ingenuity, uses Garret‘s rigged a delayed fire on the north side of the stream. As Garret reconvened with the party, the forest to the north was lit aflame much to the Kobold’s surprise. Garret took this oppurtunity to silently end 4 minions to the west front of the stream, south of the party’s location. As the forest burns, the Kobolds eventually notice Garret’s attempts after a failed assasination to the dragonshield in the power circle. A skirmish between the two forces erupted as minions swarmed the party into the line of trees with a spears and javelins pointed to kill. THe minions, followed closely by a slink, draginshield, and slinger, opend up the party in the backside of the woods.

The party defeats several minions and the fire spreads to almost the entire tree line. The three remaining Kobolds, in an effort to flee, head towards and into the waterfall. The slink, however, was trapped out from the falls due to the fire and the party’s blockade, and was forced to escape to to the woods.

The party stands there, in the stream, waiting for the leader’s decision…

From Forsworn to Winterhaven
"Maybe you should write down your powers...."

The party made their way to a town called Forsworn after emerging from their brief encounters in the swamp near north of Nighgaal. The party finds an inn, but are hastily ejected by a roaring crowd eager to find “The Dark Thief” now travelling in the adventurers party. After a quick thinking escape through a window the party sneaks their way out of town unassumingly. The party then proceeded east towards Winterhaven, although they became split after a disagreement on a road less traveled. Tavar and Garret took their own path through the forest near Cairngorm Peaks while Tamber, Cale, and Aleric took the path to the crossroad’s intersecting with the King’s road leading northeast. Though it turned to be a quicker route to their destination, Tavar and Garret discovered a kobold ambush on the side of the road.

Using cover to their advantage, Tavar and Garret outsmarted the kobolds and assassinated their leader who was hiding in the brush, administering directions to them. A mere mile from town, the party reconvened with the remaining members of the party who had no trouble on the main road.

The party as a whole finally moved into Winterhaven where they received word from a man, who offered them 250 gp to make a map to the Keep on the Shadowfell near the town. The next day, the proprietor of the town, Lord Padraig, as well offered them compensation to rid the town of their problem with kobold ambushes. The party headed south on the road cautiously and sure enough, another kobold ambush was waiting eagerly to avenge their slain comrades.


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