Tom sucks

From Forsworn to Winterhaven

"Maybe you should write down your powers...."

The party made their way to a town called Forsworn after emerging from their brief encounters in the swamp near north of Nighgaal. The party finds an inn, but are hastily ejected by a roaring crowd eager to find “The Dark Thief” now travelling in the adventurers party. After a quick thinking escape through a window the party sneaks their way out of town unassumingly. The party then proceeded east towards Winterhaven, although they became split after a disagreement on a road less traveled. Tavar and Garret took their own path through the forest near Cairngorm Peaks while Tamber, Cale, and Aleric took the path to the crossroad’s intersecting with the King’s road leading northeast. Though it turned to be a quicker route to their destination, Tavar and Garret discovered a kobold ambush on the side of the road.

Using cover to their advantage, Tavar and Garret outsmarted the kobolds and assassinated their leader who was hiding in the brush, administering directions to them. A mere mile from town, the party reconvened with the remaining members of the party who had no trouble on the main road.

The party as a whole finally moved into Winterhaven where they received word from a man, who offered them 250 gp to make a map to the Keep on the Shadowfell near the town. The next day, the proprietor of the town, Lord Padraig, as well offered them compensation to rid the town of their problem with kobold ambushes. The party headed south on the road cautiously and sure enough, another kobold ambush was waiting eagerly to avenge their slain comrades.



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