Tom sucks

When on fire, you will burn

"He was strong, but not strong enough ;)"

Where we left off….

The scene reconvenes in the midst of a battle between them and the Kobold’s ambush. Tav, supported by Garret and Tamber, set up a line for flanking to insure combat advantages aginst their scaly foes. Cale, now concious, quickly resumes the fight and proceeds to attack the remaining enemies as well. The fight continues until the dragonshields are defeated which prompts the escape of the wyrmpriest. The remaining Kobold attempts a surrender, but it was all for nought in the perspective of the now bloodied party. The party deals with the remnants and carries on the track the priest.

The trek, led by Garret, successfully stalks the lizard kin to a nearby stream with tribute from a cascading waterfall to the near east. Garret sneaks into the underbrush to discover what seems to be over ten Kobolds standing post in and near the ankle deep water.

Back to town

The party heads back to town to regain their strength, sell their spoils, and re-assess the situation. Tamber and Garret head to Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe near the center of Winterhaven. After successful haggling of Bairwin himself, they receive a profit of 260 gp and some weaponry. After a short rest at the inn, it’s back to stream to decide how to handle what is set before them.

Battle at the waterfall


Tavar gathers the party at the stream south of the waterfall to discuss strategy and possible holes in the defense of the Kobold horde. Tavar, in a slight daze of ingenuity, uses Garret‘s rigged a delayed fire on the north side of the stream. As Garret reconvened with the party, the forest to the north was lit aflame much to the Kobold’s surprise. Garret took this oppurtunity to silently end 4 minions to the west front of the stream, south of the party’s location. As the forest burns, the Kobolds eventually notice Garret’s attempts after a failed assasination to the dragonshield in the power circle. A skirmish between the two forces erupted as minions swarmed the party into the line of trees with a spears and javelins pointed to kill. THe minions, followed closely by a slink, draginshield, and slinger, opend up the party in the backside of the woods.

The party defeats several minions and the fire spreads to almost the entire tree line. The three remaining Kobolds, in an effort to flee, head towards and into the waterfall. The slink, however, was trapped out from the falls due to the fire and the party’s blockade, and was forced to escape to to the woods.

The party stands there, in the stream, waiting for the leader’s decision…



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